50+ Gift Ideas for Gun Lovers and 2nd Amendment Supporters

40+ Gift Ideas for Gun Lovers and 2nd Amendment Supporters

Gift-giving can be a bit of a puzzle sometimes, especially when you're trying to find something that perfectly fits the interests of your loved ones. If you have a friend or family member who's a gun enthusiast, 2nd Amendment supporter, or pro-gun, you're in luck! We've curated an amazing list of gift ideas that cater to a variety of budgets and occasions, like birthdays, Christmas, and other special events. So let's jump right into this collection of fantastic gift options that will definitely impress the gun lover in your life.

Table of Contents

  1. Range Gear
  2. Cleaning and Maintenance
  3. Storage and Transportation
  4. Training and Education
  5. Customization and Upgrades
  6. Novelty Items
  7. Tools
  8. Shooting Accessories
  9. Outdoor Gear
  10. Gifts for Collectors
  11. Experiences

Range Gear

With the right range gear, the gun enthusiast in your life will be well-equipped for a safe and enjoyable day at the range. These gifts are practical, thoughtful, and sure to be appreciated by any shooter.

Shooting Glasses - gift for firearm owner

Shooting Glasses

Protecting your eyes is essential when spending time at the range. A pair of high-quality shooting glasses not only shields the eyes from debris and flying casings but also enhances the shooter's vision. There are many stylish and functional options available, from polarized lenses to those with interchangeable colors for different lighting conditions.

Range Gifts for shooter - Shooting Earmuff

Electronic Hearing Protection

Hearing protection is crucial for any shooter, and electronic hearing protection offers the perfect blend of comfort and functionality. These devices amplify ambient sounds while blocking out harmful noise levels from gunfire. Many models even have Bluetooth capabilities, allowing the wearer to listen to music or take calls while shooting.

Range Gifts for 2nd Amendment Supporter - Gloves

Shooting Gloves

A good pair of shooting gloves ensures a comfortable and secure grip, helping to improve accuracy and reduce hand fatigue. Look for gloves that offer a good balance of flexibility, durability, and breathability, with extra padding in key areas for added protection and comfort.

Range Gifts for 2nd Amendment Supporter - Holster


A quality holster is a must-have for any gun enthusiast. It not only provides a secure and comfortable way to carry a firearm but also contributes to the overall safety of the shooting experience. Holsters come in a variety of styles, materials, and designs, so you're sure to find one that fits the recipient's preferences and needs.

A perfect gift: a sturdy, adjustable gun belt designed to securely hold a holster and firearm

Gun Belt

A sturdy gun belt is essential for supporting the weight of a holstered firearm and extra magazines. A well-made belt will distribute the weight evenly, making it more comfortable to wear for extended periods. Consider selecting a belt that's adjustable, allowing for a customized fit.

An ideal gift: a durable and comfortable rifle sling for easy firearm carrying


A durable sling is an indispensable accessory for carrying rifles and shotguns during hunting trips or extended shooting sessions. Adjustable, comfortable, and made from high-quality materials, a good sling can make all the difference in the field. Choose a sling with padding and quick-release buckles for added convenience and comfort.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for keeping firearms in top condition. The items in this category make thoughtful and practical gifts for any gun enthusiast, ensuring their prized possessions remain reliable and accurate for years to come.

A practical gift: a comprehensive gun cleaning kit with essential tools to maintain firearms in top condition

Gun Cleaning Kit

A comprehensive gun cleaning kit is an essential tool for every firearm owner. It helps to maintain the firearm in top condition, ensuring its longevity and reliability. Look for a kit that includes brushes, cleaning rods, patches, solvents, and lubricants, all neatly organized in a durable case.

A perfect gift: a detailed and durable cleaning mat for firearm maintenance.

Cleaning Mat

A quality cleaning mat provides a clean and organized workspace for maintaining firearms. Look for a mat with a non-slip surface, built-in compartments for holding small parts, and a design that's easy to clean. Some mats even feature printed diagrams of popular firearms to assist in the disassembly process.

An ideal gift: a quick and efficient bore snake for easy firearm cleaning.

Bore Snake

The bore snake is a convenient and effective tool for cleaning the barrel of a firearm. It's a flexible, cloth-covered rope with built-in brushes that removes fouling and debris in just a few passes. Easy to use and compact, a bore snake makes a great addition to any cleaning kit.

A useful gift: high-quality gun oil for firearm maintenance and lubrication.

Gun Oil

Proper lubrication is vital for the smooth operation and longevity of firearms. A high-quality gun oil reduces friction, protects against rust, and helps to keep moving parts functioning properly. Look for an oil that's specifically designed for firearms, with a needle applicator for precise application. Additionally, gun oil can even be useful around the house; if you have squeaking hinges, for example, a few drops can quickly fix the problem.

Storage and Transportation

With the right storage and transportation solutions, the gun enthusiast in your life can protect, organize, and showcase their firearms with confidence. These gift options offer a mix of functionality, style, and practicality that any firearm owner will appreciate.

A thoughtful gift: a secure gun safe for responsible firearm storage.

Gun Safe

A gun safe is an essential item for any gun owner, making it an excellent and thoughtful gift. These safes provide secure storage for firearms, helping to prevent unauthorized access and potential accidents. They come in various sizes and styles, from compact models for handguns to larger safes capable of storing multiple rifles or shotguns. A high-quality gun safe is a practical investment in safety and peace of mind, underlining the recipient's commitment to responsible firearm ownership.

A practical gift: a spacious range bag for carrying and organizing shooting gear.

Range Bag

A well-organized range bag makes transporting firearms, ammunition, and accessories to the range a breeze. Opt for a bag with ample storage space, durable construction, and separate compartments to keep everything organized and accessible. Some bags even feature specialized pockets for items like magazines, cleaning supplies, and targets.

An essential gift: a durable gun case for safe and convenient firearm transportation.

Gun Case

A sturdy gun case is essential for safely transporting firearms, whether to the range or on a hunting trip. Look for a case that offers a combination of protection and convenience, with features like padded interiors, reinforced corners, and secure locking mechanisms.

A useful gift: a sturdy gun rack for organized and accessible firearm storage.

Gun Rack

A gun rack provides an attractive and functional way to display and store firearms. Whether wall-mounted or freestanding, a quality gun rack offers easy access and helps to keep firearms organized. Look for one that complements the recipient's existing décor and offers adjustable shelving or hooks to accommodate different firearm sizes.

A safety-first gift: a secure trigger lock for preventing unauthorized firearm use.

Trigger Lock

A trigger lock is an essential safety device for any gun owner, making it a thoughtful and practical gift for gun lovers. These locks prevent unauthorized access to a firearm by securing the trigger, rendering the gun inoperable until the lock is removed. Look for a trigger lock with a sturdy design and reliable locking mechanism to ensure the recipient's firearms are kept safe and secure. A trigger lock is not only a useful tool but also a reminder of the importance of firearm safety, making it a truly valuable gift.

A practical gift: a sturdy ammo box for safe and organized ammunition storage.

Ammo Box

An ammo box is a practical and efficient way to store and transport ammunition. Choose a box that's designed for the specific caliber the recipient uses and offers features like water resistance, secure latches, and a stackable design for easy storage.

Training and Education

Investing in training and education is essential for any gun enthusiast. These gifts provide valuable resources and opportunities for skill development, ensuring that the recipient becomes a more knowledgeable, responsible, and skilled firearm owner.

An enriching gift: a certificate for a professional firearms training class to boost skills and safety.

Firearms Training Class

A firearms training class is an excellent gift for both beginners and experienced shooters. These classes teach essential skills, such as firearm safety, marksmanship, and proper handling techniques. Many classes also offer specialized instruction for self-defense, competitive shooting, or hunting.

A skill-enhancing gift: a dry fire training system for practicing shooting techniques without live ammunition.

Dry Fire Training System

A dry fire training system is an innovative way to improve shooting skills without live ammunition. These systems use laser technology, snap caps, or other means to simulate the shooting experience while providing instant feedback on accuracy and technique. It's a great option for practicing at home and honing skills between range sessions.

A high-tech gift: an immersive shooting simulator for honing accuracy and response times.

Shooting Simulator

A shooting simulator offers a realistic and engaging way to practice shooting skills in a safe and controlled environment. These systems use advanced technology to create immersive scenarios, allowing users to work on their accuracy, reaction time, and decision-making skills. It's an excellent gift for those who love video games and want to improve their real-world shooting abilities.

An informative gift: a selection of books covering various aspects of firearms, from history to handling.

Books on Firearms

A well-written book on firearms can be an invaluable resource for any gun enthusiast. From historical accounts to technical manuals, there's a wealth of information available on a wide variety of firearm-related topics. Look for titles that align with the recipient's interests, whether it's the history of famous gunsmiths, guides to gun maintenance, or books on shooting techniques.

A gift that keeps giving: a subscription to a top-rated magazine for gun enthusiasts and 2nd Amendment supporters.

Magazine Subscription

A magazine subscription is a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. There are many publications tailored to gun enthusiasts, covering topics like hunting, self-defense, and the latest industry news. Choose a magazine that matches the recipient's interests and provides engaging content, expert advice, and product reviews.

A learning-focused gift: a collection of instructional DVDs and online courses for comprehensive firearms training.

Instructional DVDs and Online Courses

Instructional DVDs and online courses make a great gift for gun enthusiasts keen on boosting their knowledge and skills. These resources offer in-depth training on various aspects of firearm use and safety, from basic handling and maintenance to advanced shooting techniques. Whether they prefer traditional DVDs or the flexibility of online learning, these educational gifts can help them become more proficient and responsible gun owners.

Customization and Upgrades

Customization and upgrades allow gun enthusiasts to tailor their firearms to their unique preferences and needs. These thoughtful gifts show that you understand and appreciate the recipient's passion, and they will undoubtedly enhance their shooting experience.

A precision-enhancing gift: high-quality optics and sights for improving firearm accuracy.

Optics and Sights

Upgrading a firearm's optics or sights can significantly improve shooting accuracy and performance. Choose from a range of options, such as red dot sights, holographic sights, or magnified scopes, to find the perfect match for the recipient's shooting style and preferences.

A performance-boosting gift: a trigger upgrade kit for a smoother and more precise shooting experience.

Trigger Upgrade

A trigger upgrade can make a world of difference in the feel and performance of a firearm. Look for aftermarket triggers that offer a smoother, more consistent pull, and reduced travel. These upgrades can enhance the overall shooting experience and contribute to improved accuracy.

Custom Grips

Custom Grips

Custom grips not only add a personalized touch to a firearm but can also improve comfort and control during shooting. There are numerous materials and designs available, from intricate woodwork to textured rubber. Consider the recipient's personal style and preferences when selecting the perfect set of grips.

Customized Firearm

Customized Firearm

For a truly one-of-a-kind gift, consider a customized firearm tailored to the recipient's specifications. Work with a reputable gunsmith or manufacturer to create a unique piece that incorporates the recipient's favorite features, finishes, and engravings. This is a truly special and memorable gift for any gun enthusiast.

Customized Ammunition

Customized Ammunition

Customized ammunition can be tailored to specific shooting needs or preferences, offering enhanced performance and accuracy. Look for reputable manufacturers that provide custom loads, or consider a gift certificate for custom ammunition, allowing the recipient to choose their ideal specifications.

Range Finder

Range Finder

A gun range finder is an indispensable tool for long-range shooting, providing accurate distance measurements and helping to improve shot placement. Look for a range finder that offers features like angle compensation, easy-to-read displays, and compact designs for easy transport.

Novelty Items

Novelty items offer a fun and lighthearted way to celebrate the recipient's passion for firearms. These gifts are perfect for adding a touch of personality to everyday items and are sure to bring a smile to any gun enthusiast's face.

Gun-themed Apparel

Gun-themed Apparel

Gun-themed apparel is a fantastic way for firearms enthusiasts to show off their passion for the sport and support the 2nd Amendment. From pro-gun t-shirts and hoodies to sweatshirts, ladies' tees, and 2nd Amendment apparel, there's something for every style and taste. Our site offers a great selection of gun-themed clothing, including an extensive range of pro-gun t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and ladies' t-shirts. Feel free to browse our collection and find the perfect gift for the gun lover in your life.

Firearm Artwork - Gift for 2nd Amendment supporter

Firearm Artwork

Beautiful firearm artwork can be an eye-catching addition to any gun enthusiast's home or office. From vintage firearm advertisements to modern art pieces featuring iconic guns, there's something to suit every taste and style.

Bullet-shaped Accessories

Bullet-shaped Accessories

From pens and bottle openers to cufflinks and USB drives, bullet-shaped accessories are a creative and quirky gift idea. These items offer a subtle nod to the recipient's passion while being functional and useful in everyday life.

Gun-themed Home Decor - gift for gun lover

Gun-themed Home Decor

Gun-themed home decor items, such as wall art, clocks, throw pillows and other, can add a personal touch to any living space. These pieces are both stylish and conversation-starting, making them ideal gifts for gun enthusiasts who love to showcase their passion.

Gun-themed Jewelry for gun enthusiast

Gun-themed Jewelry

Elegant and subtle, gun-themed jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, can be a thoughtful gift for someone who appreciates both firearms and fashion. Choose pieces that feature unique designs, like bullet casings or gun silhouettes, to create a truly memorable gift.

Present for gun lover: Mugs


A gun-themed mug is a practical and fun gift that any gun lover will enjoy using daily. From witty slogans to intricate firearm designs, there's a wide variety of mugs to choose from. Our site has a great selection of gun-themed mugs, so be sure to check them out.

Birthday present for shooter - Phone Cases

Phone Cases

A gun-themed phone case is a stylish way to protect a smartphone while showcasing the owner's passion for firearms. Look for cases that feature unique designs, such as gun blueprints or artistic interpretations of popular models.



Functional and fashionable, gun-themed keychains are a small but thoughtful gift that any gun enthusiast will appreciate. Our site offers a great selection of keychains, so be sure to browse and find the perfect one.

Gun-themed Magnets, Stickers, Patches

Magnets, Stickers, Patches

Gun-themed magnets, stickers, and patches allow gun hobbyists to add a personal touch to their belongings, from laptops and car bumpers to backpacks and jackets. These small items make great stocking stuffers or thoughtful additions to larger gifts.


Having the right tools at hand can make gun maintenance, cleaning, and repairs a breeze. These practical gifts show that you understand the importance of proper firearm care and are sure to be appreciated by any gun enthusiast.

Reloading Press

Reloading Press

For gun enthusiasts who prefer to create their own custom ammunition, a reloading press is a valuable piece of equipment. It allows for precise control over the components and quality of the rounds being produced. Choose a press that offers smooth operation, durability, and the ability to accommodate various calibers.

Punch Set

Punch Set

A punch set is an essential tool for any gun enthusiast looking to perform maintenance or modifications on their firearms. These sets typically include a variety of punches, both flat and roll pin types, that help remove and install pins, drift sights, and more. It's a practical and valuable addition to any gun owner's toolkit.

Screwdriver Set

Screwdriver Set

A quality screwdriver set designed specifically for firearms is a must-have for gun owners. These sets often include various sizes and types of bits, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of firearms. They also prevent damage to delicate screws and finishes during maintenance and repairs.



A sturdy workbench provides a stable and organized workspace for gun maintenance, cleaning, and repairs. Look for workbenches with ample surface area, built-in storage, and features like a gun vise or magnetic trays to keep tools and parts within easy reach.

Armorer's Wrench

Armorer's Wrench

An armorer's wrench is a versatile and indispensable tool for gun owners. Designed to perform multiple tasks like installing and removing barrel nuts, muzzle devices, and castle nuts, this specialized wrench is a must-have for any gun enthusiast who enjoys working on their firearms.

Gun Vise

Gun Vise

A gun vise provides a secure and stable platform for cleaning, maintenance, and repair tasks. It helps keep firearms in place while working on them, protecting delicate components and finishes. Look for a gun vise with adjustable features to accommodate different firearm sizes and types.

Shooting Accessories

Shooting accessories can enhance a gun enthusiast's experience on the range or in the field. By providing added stability, comfort, and accuracy, these thoughtful gifts are sure to be appreciated and put to good use.

Steel Targets

Steel Targets

Steel targets are an excellent gift for gun enthusiasts who enjoy target shooting and honing their marksmanship skills. These durable targets provide instant feedback upon impact, producing a distinct sound and sometimes visible movement. This immediate response makes shooting more enjoyable and helps shooters refine their accuracy. Look for steel targets made from high-quality, hardened steel that can withstand repeated use and a variety of calibers. Choose targets in various shapes and sizes to offer the recipient a diverse and engaging shooting experience.

Gun Bipod


A bipod is a fantastic gift for gun enthusiasts who enjoy shooting from a stable, supported position. These accessories attach to the firearm's front and provide a steady platform for improved accuracy, especially during long-range shooting sessions. Look for a bipod with adjustable height and folding legs for easy transport and storage.

Shooting Rest

Shooting Rest

A shooting rest is another excellent accessory for enhancing stability and accuracy during shooting sessions. These rests come in various styles, from benchrest designs for precision shooting to field-ready options for hunting. Choose a rest that suits the recipient's shooting preferences and needs.

Recoil Pad

Recoil Pad

A recoil pad is a practical gift that can make shooting more comfortable and enjoyable. These pads attach to the butt of a firearm, helping to absorb and distribute the recoil, reducing the impact on the shooter's shoulder. Look for a recoil pad that is compatible with the recipient's firearm and offers an optimal balance of cushioning and thickness.

Outdoor Gear

Outdoor gear gifts are perfect for gun enthusiasts who love spending time in nature, hunting, or shooting. These practical items enhance the outdoor experience and demonstrate your thoughtfulness in selecting a gift that matches the recipient's interests and passions.

Camouflage Apparel

Camouflage Apparel

Camouflage apparel is an excellent gift for gun enthusiasts who enjoy hunting or other outdoor activities. From shirts and pants to hats and gloves, camo clothing helps the wearer blend into their surroundings, providing an edge in the field.

Portable Shooting Bench

Portable Shooting Bench

A portable shooting bench is a fantastic gift for those who enjoy shooting outdoors. These compact and foldable benches provide a stable platform for shooting, making it easier to maintain accuracy and control. Look for a lightweight design with adjustable features to accommodate different shooting positions and environments.

Rifle Shooting Stick

Shooting Stick

A shooting stick is a valuable tool for outdoor shooting, offering a stable rest for firearms in various terrains. Available in monopod, bipod, or tripod designs, shooting sticks provide support for both standing and kneeling shooting positions. Choose a stick with adjustable height and easy-to-use locking mechanisms for maximum versatility.

Hunting Blind

Hunting Blind

A hunting blind is a perfect gift for gun enthusiasts who love spending time in the great outdoors. These portable structures provide concealment and shelter while hunting, ensuring the user remains hidden from their quarry. Look for a blind that is easy to set up, lightweight, and offers enough space for the intended use.

All-Weather Shooting Jacket

All-Weather Shooting Jacket

An all-weather shooting jacket is a practical and thoughtful gift for gun enthusiasts who enjoy shooting in various weather conditions. These jackets typically feature waterproof and breathable materials, ensuring comfort and protection from the elements. Look for a jacket with ample storage pockets and shooting-specific features, like reinforced shoulders or adjustable cuffs.

Gifts for Collectors

Gifts for collectors show that you appreciate the recipient's passion for firearms and their rich history. By selecting a unique and meaningful item, you're sure to make a lasting impression on the gun enthusiast in your life.

Vintage Firearm Blueprints

Vintage Firearm Blueprints

Vintage firearm blueprints make a unique and fascinating gift for gun collectors. These detailed schematics showcase the inner workings of iconic firearms and serve as a piece of history. Framed and hung on a wall, they become a striking and conversation-starting addition to any gun enthusiast's collection.

Display Case

Display Case

A high-quality display case is a thoughtful gift that enables gun collectors to showcase their prized possessions in a safe and attractive manner. Look for cases made from durable materials with features like locking mechanisms, adjustable shelves, and lighting to highlight the firearms inside.

Limited Edition Items

Limited Edition Items

Limited edition items, such as commemorative firearms, special edition accessories, or serialized collectibles, can make a truly memorable gift for gun collectors. These rare and unique pieces often appreciate in value over time, making them a valuable addition to any collection.

Replica Firearms

Replica Firearms

Replica firearms are an excellent gift for collectors who appreciate the history and design of iconic guns but may not have the opportunity or desire to own the original versions. High-quality replicas are often crafted with great attention to detail and can be displayed alongside authentic firearms in a collection.

Antique Military Gear

Antique Military Gear

Antique military gear, such as helmets, uniforms, or field equipment, can be a fascinating addition to a gun collector's collection. These historical items provide a glimpse into the past and the lives of the soldiers who used them. Look for items in good condition with interesting stories or provenance to make the gift even more special.


Experiential gifts offer gun enthusiasts the chance to create lasting memories and develop their skills and passion for firearms. By choosing an experience tailored to the recipient's interests, you're sure to leave a lasting impression and give a gift that will be remembered for years to come.

Gift Card to a Shooting Range

Gift Card to a Shooting Range

A gift card to a local shooting range is a fantastic gift for gun enthusiasts who love honing their skills and trying out new firearms. This thoughtful gift provides an opportunity for the recipient to spend time at the range, practicing and enjoying their passion for shooting.

Guided Hunting Trip

Guided Hunting Trip

A guided hunting trip can be an unforgettable experience for gun enthusiasts who love the thrill of the hunt. With a knowledgeable guide leading the way, the recipient can explore new landscapes, learn new hunting techniques, and potentially bag a trophy. Choose a trip tailored to the recipient's favorite game and location for a truly personalized gift.

Tickets to a Gun Show

Tickets to a Gun Show

Tickets to a gun show make a great gift for gun enthusiasts who enjoy browsing the latest firearms, accessories, and innovations in the industry. These events provide an opportunity for attendees to network with fellow gun lovers, meet industry professionals, and discover new products and trends.

Firearms Training Course with a Renowned Instructor

Firearms Training Course with a Renowned Instructor

A firearms training course with a renowned instructor is an exceptional gift for gun enthusiasts who are serious about improving their skills and knowledge. This immersive experience can help the recipient refine their shooting technique, learn advanced tactics, and gain a deeper understanding of firearm safety and handling. Look for a course taught by a respected instructor with a proven track record in the field.

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